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In the scrap metal industry, copper scraps might as well be gold.

75% of copper products are manufactured from recycled copper scrap: motors, computers, construction materials, industrial machinery and more. In fact, it is only copper wire that requires newly refined copper to ensure its quality; all other copper products can be made from scrap copper, as the metal can be recycled over and over again without deteriorating or losing any of its valuable properties.

This means that there is a HUGE market for scrap metal recycling and scrap copper prices are higher than most scrap metal prices. As one of the most sought-after scrap metals in the business, there’s no reason for you not to trade in your Melbourne copper scraps.

Why is scrap metal recycling important (and why we want your copper)

Since, mining, refining and smelting copper can lead to a large increase in the emission of harmful greenhouse gases, it is more environmentally conscious to recycle copper that is already in circulation. Recycling a tonne of scrap copper uses just 15% of the energy that would be used in the process of extracting the same amount of new copper and reduces the air and other pollution that is normally associated with the mining process.

Recycling copper helps in the reduction of you or your company’s carbon footprint and protects landfills from being filled with materials that could be reused, leaving room for the things that can’t be recycled. And the longer that metal sits in your yard or in a landfill, the more harmful pollutants seep into the ground and the air. So why throw your scrap metals away or let them sit in some yard when you could be making money?

Melbo Scrap Metal is an Australian-operated company specialising in copper scrap collection, transporting, dismantling and recycling.

We offer the best prices, providing you with easy and transportation to collect the industrial scrap copper from your premises.

We recycle copper scrap extracts from:

  • Electrical copper wire (33% – 43% grading)
  • Electrical copper wire (33% – 43% grading)
  • Communication cabling (stripped or unstripped)
  • Radiator copper cores
  • Electric motors
  • Copper tubes and pipes

If you have a sizable quantity of copper scrap metal you don’t know what to do with, contact us today! At Melbo Scrap Metal, we aim to provide our customers with the best service and price of scrap metal in Melbourne.

We Buy Copper Scrap from Various Industries

Melbo Scrap Metal specialises in collecting and recycling copper scrap from clients in various industries like:

  • Demolition
  • Plumbing Companies
  • Engineering Firms
  • Builders
  • Excavators
  • Electricians and more!

We offer the best prices for scrap metal and will always pay you what your metals are worth.

What is clean scrap copper?

Clean scrap copper simply scraps copper that is free from fittings, paint, coverings/coatings, insulation, solder or other materials. While we take copper metal scrap of all sorts, clean copper will get you a better price.

If you have a range of copper metals and products you want to sell for scrap, it is best to sort out your copper before calling us to come and collect it. This will help us to clearly identify the materials and ensure you are getting the fairest prices for the copper you have.

What’s the difference between brass and copper scrap?

Both brass and copper are commonly used in electrical and plumbing. As brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, it is also higher-value scrap metal.

Scrap copper prices will be higher than the price of brass scrap metal, due to the purity. That being said, we accept both brass and copper scrap here at Melbo Scrap Metal and will ensure you are getting fair prices for both.

Do you have copper wire or scrap metal lying uselessly in your scrap yard? Are you wondering how to get rid of the scrap that is damaging your landfills and poisoning your environment?

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Does Melbo Scrap Metal recycle other types of metal?

As the name suggests, we are interested in buying any metal scrap you may have on your hands: stainless steel, aluminium, batteries, bronze, lead, brass, electronic motors, gunmetal, PVC cables and wires — you name it!

We have helped the people of Melbourne get rid of scrap metals for the best price for the last ten years and are committed to providing you with the best service.

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