Scrap Metal Prices in Melbourne from Leading Scrap Metal Buyers

Got a pile of scrap metal in your backyard that you’ve been holding on to for no particular reason at all? Maybe you have some corrugated iron fencing sheets that never ended up being put up, or perhaps you’ve got a collection of old copper pipes that have seen better days. Don’t throw them out on your next rubbish day – sell them to the scrap metal buyers at Melbo Scrap Metal to get the very best scrap metal prices in Melbourne. With Australian scrap metal prices as competitive as they’ve been in a long time, there’s no better time than now to get rid of your scrap metal.

How Australian Scrap Metal Prices Are Determined

Before handing your collection over to scrap metal buyers, it’s important to know how Australian scrap metal prices are set. Prices vary not only according to the type of metal, but also the city you’re in as well. Scrap metal prices in Melbourne will therefore differ to those in Sydney, Adelaide and so forth, while scrap copper prices will be different to the aluminium scrap price.

Melbo Scrap Metal uses a ‘weigh and pay’ system to determine the dollar value, so it always helps to sort out your scrap metal into different types beforehand so we can give you the most accurate scrap metal prices per kilo, including:

  • Scrap Battery prices per kg
  • Scrap Bronze price per kg
  • Scrap Copper price per kg
  • Scrap Aluminium price per kg
  • And even scrap metal prices for cars

Consult with Melbourne’s Trusted Scrap Metal Buyers

Having been in the game for over 10 years, we’ve developed a strong understanding of the needs that many of our customers have in relation to scrap metal.

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