Commercial Scrap Metal Services & Steel Recycling in Melbourne

It’s not just residential properties across Melbourne that accumulate scrap metal − it also doesn’t take long for commercial businesses to suddenly find they’ve amassed a collection as well. Whether it’s signage and other visual merchandising tools or old retail shelving, if your accumulated scrap metal is starting to get in the way or becoming a potential injury hazard, then there’s no better time than now to organise scrap metal removal in Melbourne with Melbo Scrap Metal. We offer highly competitive scrap stainless steel prices that make it worth your while to trade your scrap in for payment. Steel recycling in Melbourne has never been so easy!

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A build-up of scrap metal on your commercial premises not only looks unsightly, but can also be potentially dangerous, with a strong likelihood of causing injury on sharp or jagged edges. Clearing away the scrap metal not only makes sense from an occupational health and safety standpoint, but it can also be quite financially beneficial as well thanks to Australian metal recyclers like Melbo Scrap Metal.

We use the “weigh and pay” system to determine the dollar value of your scrap metal haul. To get the best price, we recommend sorting out your scrap into different types of metals, as the price per kilo varies from one metal to the next. For example, scrap stainless steel prices will be different from scrap aluminium prices.

Our scrap metal services include same-day collection when possible. Simply give us a call on 0405 622 777, contact us online or send an email to to arrange a suitable time to visit your premises.


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