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Got a build-up of scrap metal in Melbourne that’s creating unnecessary clutter and needs to be cleared from your property or worksite as soon as possible? Now’s the time to stop searching for ‘scrap metal dealers near me’ and get in touch with the experienced professionals at Melbo Scrap Metal, trusted local scrap metal buyers.

Melbo Scrap Metal consists of an experienced team of scrap dealers in Melbourne who supply fast and comprehensive scrap metal collection services to commercial, industrial and civil businesses and organisations across the state. Our business aim is to change the future by reusing recyclable materials in order to keep the environment healthy for future generations. Melbo Scrap Metal also offers competitive prices and will remove your scrap in the most convenient way. Next time you need scrap metal removal, find out how our salvage yard in Melbourne can help you.

Our Services

To make your Melbourne scrap metal storage and removal simpler, we offer a range of services that add convenience to your experience. Among the additional services we provide are:

Costless Bins

When we can’t get to you on the same say of ordering our services, we’ll provide you with bins at no cost to store your materials until we arrive. Our scrap metal recycling bins range in sizes from 2m3 to 30m3.

Commercial / Industrial

We will clear your commercial or industrial worksite of any metal debris quickly and safely in a way that won’t negatively affect the planet.

Free Pick Up

With our free scrap metal collection in Melbourne, we’ll happily pick up your scrap metal from a nominated location at no charge to you.

Weigh & Pay

Our scrap metal dealers pay for scrap metal by the kilo according to the type of metal. When you need to sell metal scrap, we weigh it on the spot and provide you with a fair payment. Contact for more details at scrap metal solutions in Pakenham

Why Choose Melbo Scrap Metal?

For over ten years, we’ve been the trusted metal recyclers Melbourne businesses and organisations have turned to for fast and affordable removal and recycling of unwanted scrap metal. Our scrap metal buyers in Melbourne also offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure that we cause as little inconvenience as possible to your daily business operations, whether it’s by offering a skip bin to store scrap metal until we can take it, or by providing you with the most competitive scrap metal prices. Our scrap metal merchants use the ‘weigh and pay’ system to give you the most accurate payment per kilo of whichever metal(s) you have to sell.

Once we take the scrap from you, it doesn’t just end up corroding in one of the many scrap metal yards in Melbourne. We ensure it goes to experienced metal recyclers who melt down the scrap in order for it to be used in the manufacture of other products or components.

Organise a Quote with Us Today

Next time you’re searching online for a ‘metal scrap yard near me’ to accept your haul of scrap metal, turn straight to Melbourne’s trusted scrap metal dealers at Melbo Scrap Metal. For a fast and easy quote on the dollar value of your scrap metal, call us on 0405 622 777, email or contact us online.

Our Services

Cost-less Bins

Cost-less Bins

Melbo Scrap Metal provides bins in different sizes at no cost, from 2m3 – 30m3 and we pick up your scrap.



We will collect your scrap metal from your premises in a convenient way and you will also get paid for your scrap.

Free pick-up

Free pick-up

We offer free pick-up for your scrap metals, call us for a quick quote.

Weigh & Pay

Weigh & Pay

We weigh your scrap metals on the spot and you will receive an instant payment.

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