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For over 10 years, Melbo Scrap Metal has been providing reliable scrap metal removal services across Melbourne. We pay competitively for scrap metal, buying from a wide range of commercial, industrial and civil clients, including:


From retail stores looking to offload old and broken shelving, to corporate office buildings replacing old stainless steel furniture with new, Melbo Scrap Metal happily accepts all kinds of scrap metal materials from the commercial sector.


The process of excavating soil, earth or rock from the ground produces a lot of waste, some of which can be scrap metal that can contaminate the soil if it has begun corroding. We provide comprehensive scrap metal removal services for excavation sites across Melbourne.


Industrial clients across Melbourne can generate a lot of waste, whether on a worksite or in their workshop. Melbo Scrap Metal can take all scrap metal off your hands, including old machinery and copper piping that has seen better days.


The plumbing profession is one that is synonymous with creating plenty of scrap metal waste. Whether it’s old copper wiring or unwanted shower heads, we’ll pay you for any scrap metal you want us to take.


Electricians are also known for creating a large quantity of scrap metal. From old copper and aluminium wiring through to the offcuts left behind after cutting new electrical wiring to size, there will always be a need for scrap removal.


Engineers span a wide range of disciplines, from mechanical to chemical, however most if not all will use metal materials in order to create certain products or facilitate certain tasks. Melbo Scrap Metal is happy to buy scrap metal products from engineers and engineering workshops.


Building homes and commercial buildings typically creates a lot of debris, particularly if you’re tearing down an existing structure in order to make way for a new one. If you have any scrap metal materials on your building site, whether it’s old structural beams or offcuts from your new building project, we can assist you with pick up and removal.

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