Free Scrap Metal Pick Up Service in Melbourne – Min. 500kg to 1 ton for free pickup

Scrap metal might be one of the most common of recyclable materials available, but it’s also one that leaves most people susceptible to injuries thanks to the likelihood of sharp, jagged edges and formation of rust. Scrap metal can be found in almost every residential property, industrial workshop, garage and even retail floor space. It can build up very quickly during a major clean out of the premises or after a demolition project. Clearing away the scrap metal as soon as possible reduces the risk of injury or potential contamination of soil or water sources should corrosion occur. If you’re looking for a free scrap metal pick up service in Melbourne, turn to the experienced professionals at Melbo Scrap Metal to get the job done.

What Does / Doesn’t Constitute Scrap Metal for Pickup?

Before arranging someone to take care of your scrap metal pickup, it’s important to understand that certain items can and cannot be collected by a scrap metal pick up service.

Items that Melbo Scrap Metal can take from you include iron, aluminium sheets, copper pipes, old bicycles, tyre rims, stainless steel, lead and brass. Items that a free scrap metal pickup service should not collect include propane tanks, oxygen containers, and empty oil based and latex paint tins. For these items, please contact your local council to find out the best pick up or disposal options.

Why Choose Melbo Scrap Metal?

For over 10 years, Melbo Scrap Metal has provided local residents and businesses with the most reliable and efficient scrap metal pickup in Melbourne. We’re a fully licensed and Australian owned business that remains committed to using the safest practices on every scrap metal pickup job. We’re equally as committed to environmental sustainability and endeavour to recycle as much of what we pick up as possible. Discover top-notch scrap metal solutions in Pakenham with our reliable services.

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