Quick Recycling Solutions and Best Prices for Batteries!

Used batteries can severely damage the landfill. Recycle it to reduce the carbon footprint and help preserve nature.

Melbo Scrap Metal strongly supports the green initiative and battery recycling program. We collect and recycle batteries from cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles. We make sure that our recycling process doesn’t damage the environment.

Why Recycle Batteries?

Every year, millions of batteries to the dump yard across Australia. The toxic chemicals and heavy metals in these batteries result in severe water and soil contamination.

The purpose of battery recycling is to cut down the number of used batteries getting dumped on the landfills and preserve the environment. Moreover, recycling contributes to nearly 50% of lead supply for several other applications.

We provide quick collection and transportation services for single-use and rechargeable batteries.

We collect different types of batteries like:

  • Rechargeable batteries including batteries for electronic equipment, mobile phones and more.
  • Lead acid used in various automotive applications and exit lights
  • Cylindrical alkaline batteries
  • AA, AAA, C, D type 6 and 9-volt batteries found in radios and remote control cars.

Do you have used batteries lying in your yard? Are you wondering how to dispose of the scrap that is damaging your landfills?

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