Get the Best Scrap Copper Prices with Our Electrician’s Copper Scrap Removal

Electrical wiring is an essential tool for electricians. The wiring is comprised of a metal conductor – usually copper, occasionally aluminium – that is covered in a protective plastic coating. Waste gets produced when using electrical wiring, especially when it has to be cut to size or if the electrician is replacing old wiring with new, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s come to the end of its life. Copper scrap can be melted down and reused for a vast array of other applications. If you’ve been searching for ‘scrap metal merchants near me’ and want to find competitive scrap copper prices in Melbourne, get in touch with the professionals at Melbo Scrap Metal.

The Process of Recycling Copper Scrap

When Melbo Scrap Metal takes your copper scrap wiring off your hands for recycling, the metal is granulated and then separated magnetically from the plastic insulative coating. The copper or aluminium is then melted down and reused in the manufacture of many different types of products. The key benefit of recycling copper and aluminium is that they don’t degrade and can therefore be recycled time and time again, relieving the pressure on existing finite natural resources found on the planet.

Get Competitive Scrap Copper Prices with Melbo Scrap Metal

Melbo Scrap Metal provides electricians with competitive scrap copper prices in Melbourne, paying by the kilo to determine the value of your haul. Any materials that cannot be properly recycled will also be disposed of safely in a way that reduces potential harm to the planet.

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