Zero Hassle Gun Metal Scrap Collection

Gunmetal is a copper alloy with tin cast and extensively used for its wide range of properties. Gunmetal is known for its resistance against stress and pressure which makes it one of the most sought after metal. Further, it is used for building valves, pressed or screwed fittings and in the sanitary industry. Moreover, due to its gliding and emergency running properties, gunmetal is also used widely in drive technology especially in making plain bearings.

Though, highly useful metal gunmetal scrap can cause irreparable damages to the landfills and your health, if it is not discarded and recycled correctly.

Sell Gunmetal Scrap to Us and Get Profits!

Melbo Scrap Metal is a premier scrap recycling company based in Melbourne. We specialise in collecting and transporting industrial gunmetal scrap, sort it out and recycle it at highly competitive prices! Using high-end equipment, our highly experienced technicians recycle the gunmetal scrap quickly and efficiently without causing any damage to the environment.

Please note: Prices depend on the purity and condition of the gunmetal scrap.

We collect and recycle gunmetal from:

  • Bearings,
  • Pump,
  • Impellers,
  • Bushings,
  • Pumps Bodies Valve Components,
  • Piston Rings,
  • Steam Fittings,
  • Gears And Much More.

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