Easy Collection and Recycling of PVC Cables & Wires Scrap

PVC is known for its exceptional properties like insulation and sheathing, and so it is widely used in various industries. However, scrap PVC cables and wire can be detrimental to your health. Moreover, it can even cause substantial damage to the environment.

Contact Melbo Scrap Metal to collect and recycle the scrap. We are specialists in sorting and recycling PVC cables and wire scrap. Being an Australian-owned company, we follow the environmental guidelines to recycle the scrap.

Since most PVC cables and wire contain a considerable amount of copper, it is considered valuable and fetches reasonable prices in the recycling market.

Why Recycle PVC Cables and Wires?

As the PVC cables and wires contain a high amount of copper, recycling them becomes essential to prevent excessive mining of copper and further damaging the environment. Besides, PVC compound is manufactured using fossil oil, and so recycling ensures the preservation of natural resources.

We recycle PVC cable and wire scrap:

  • Household Cables
  • Copper, Lead, and Aluminium Cables
  • PVC Bright Cables
  • Bus Looms
  • Tinned Cables
  • Low and High-Grade Cables
  • Ethernet (Cat 5) Cable
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Wires from Electrical Appliance
  • Heavy-duty Cable – Twin and Earth

Please note: Generally, the price of scrap metals depends on factors like weight and purity.

For a fast and easy quote on the dollar value of your scrap metal, call us on 0405 622 777 or email us melboscrapmetal@gmail.com or contact us online


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