Sell Bronze Scrap and Get Best Deals

Does your engineering unit generate tons of industrial bronze scrap every month? Sell the bronze scrap to Melbo Scrap and monetise. We are a leading Australian-owned scrap dealer and recycling company.

We collect various kinds of bronze scrap right from

  • Electrical wires
  • Motorised cars
  • Electrical appliances
  • Automobile parts, and more

We specialise in sorting and recycling bronze scrap without causing any negative impact on the environment. Along with easy scrap metal pick up services, we provide competitive pricing and quick money transfer!

Sell Your Bronze Scrap to Us to Reduce the Carbon Footprint

Recycling bronze scrap metal has numerous benefits including reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases. Besides, recycling uses lesser energy as compared to making bronze from the virgin ore, therefore you can converse the energy resources.

Since it is widely found in statues, commercial electrical pieces and old plumbing fixtures bronze scrap has greater recycle value compared to brass.

We recycle bronze scrap from items like:

  • Tools – Hammers and wrenches.
  • Marine fittings – Marine boats and other ship fittings. We also recycle the ship propellers
  • Old bells made from a cast of bronze
  • Industrial Castings and Bearings
  • Decorative Castings including the bronze sculptures or candlesticks

Sell Bronze Scrap and Make Good Money!

Do you have bronze scrap metal lying uselessly in your yard and damaging the landfills? Get in touch with us for a fast and easy quote on the dollar value of your scrap metal, call us on 0405 622 777 or email us or contact us online


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