Metal Scrap Removal from Engineering Projects − Scrap Steel & More

Engineers are common users of metal materials for many of projects. Whether involved in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, or electrical engineering, metal is used for everything from making products to facilitating specific processes. Many different metals and metal alloys can be used for particular purposes, and all can create waste. Luckily, Melbo Scrap Metal provides metal scrap removal services, allowing for scrap steel, copper, brass and bronze recycling in Melbourne. Learn more about how we can help you today.

Get a Competitive Scrap Copper Price in Melbourne

When you contact Melbo Scrap Metal for our metal scrap removal services, you can take advantage of getting a highly competitive scrap copper price in Melbourne. We pay for scrap metal by the kilo, so we recommend separating your different metals and materials in order to get the best value.

Once we pay you to take your steel, copper, bronze or brass for recycling, the materials are melted down to be repurposed for a wide variety of new products or applications. Reusing the scrap metal for recycling eases the pressure on the natural resources found in the earth.

Why Choose Melbo Scrap Metal for Metal Scrap Removal?

Melbo Scrap Metal has provided engineering clients and workshops across Melbourne with metal scrap removal services for over 10 years, aiming for same-day service when and where possible. A privately owned business, we’re fully licensed and accredited with complete insurance for your peace of mind. We aim to lead the industry in environmentally friendly practices and processes, doing all we can to recycle as much of the scrap metal we take from engineering workshops as possible.

Whether you have quantities of scrap steel in Melbourne for removal or you have copper, brass or bronze for recycling, get in touch with Melbo Scrap Metal today. Give us a call on 0405 622 777, contact us online or email as at


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