Metal Scrap from Plumbers

Working as a plumber, you can produce a sizeable quantity of scrap metal waste, whether it’s replacing old metal components with new, or creating a complete plumbing system for a newly built property. Plumbers use a vast range of metals in their work, from copper to aluminium, stainless steel and more. However, this scrap metal waste can create unnecessary clutter and can potentially cause injury due largely in part to sharp or jagged edges, so getting rid of any scrap metal should be a priority. If you’re a plumber in Melbourne looking for a scrap metal removal service, be sure to connect with the experienced professionals at Melbo Scrap Metal. Learn more about our services today.

Accepting a Wide Range of Metals for Recycling

When you contact Melbo Scrap Metal to remove your plumbing scrap metal waste, you can take comfort in knowing that we don’t just dispose of all the materials in landfill. We recycle as much of the scrap as we can, melting down the metals so they can be used for a vast range of products and components. Among the products we can take from you are:

  • Copper tubing
  • Domestic copper products
  • Lead
  • Stainless steel
  • Mixed plumbers brass
  • And more

We also happily pay you for your scrap metal, endeavouring to give you the best possible prices in Melbourne using our ‘weigh and pay’ system. Simply arrange a quote with us to see how much you could potentially receive.

Why Choose Melbo Scrap Metal?

Melbo Scrap Metal has been providing plumbers across Melbourne with reliable scrap metal removal services for over 10 years. We aim to provide same-day service when and where possible, plus we’re fully licensed and insured for complete peace of mind.

For trusted and experienced scrap removal services for plumbers, or for more information on how we recycle your scrap, get in touch with Melbo Scrap Metal today. Simply give us a call on 0405 622 777, contact us online or send an email to


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