Easy and Zero Hassles Electronic Motors Scrap Recycling

Electric motors are extensively used in a wide range of appliances – right from the regular household appliance to the heavy industrial machines.

However, excessive build-up of electronic motors can eventually damage the landfills and your health.

Melbo Scrap Metal is an Australian owned scrap recycling company specialising in collecting, sorting, dismantling and recycling the electronic motor scrap. Our team of highly trained technicians adeptly handle electronic waste without causing any harm to natural resources.

Additionally, we offer highly competitive rates for the electronic motor across Melbourne. We buy a wide variety of electric motors of different sizes and types. Besides, we provide transportation services for all sorts of scrap electronic motors.

Why Recycle Electronic Motor Scrap?

Since the electronic motors contain a high content of copper and other rich metals, so recycling is considered as one of the most feasible options. Moreover, these motors are easy to dismantle and disconnect it from the mounting base, pump and pulley, so they fetch the right amount in the recycling market.

Some of the Common Electronic Motors Scrap that We Buy are:

  • Washers and dryers for its aluminium windings
  • Refrigeration compressors, air conditioning units and freezers
  • Industrial fans, blowers and pumps.
  • Various household appliances
  • Power tools and disk drives

For a fast and easy quote on the dollar value of your scrap metal, call us on 0405 622 777 email melboscrapmetal@gmail.com or contact us online


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