Sell Scrap Metal in Melbourne with Our Builders Scrap Metal Removal

The process of building a residential or commercial property generates a lot of debris. Much of it is soil and building materials, but the debris can also contain a fair quantity of scrap metal. This scrap can include many types of metals such as aluminium, carbon steel, stainless steel and more. Leave it on site for too long and it not only starts to create a mess, but it can also potentially cause workplace injury. Fortunately, Melbo Scrap Metal can address this problem for you with our scrap metal removal service. We’ll even provide payment for your scrap, making our service the perfect choice for builders looking to sell scrap metal in Melbourne. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Sell Scrap Metal from the Building Site to Us

When you call Melbo Scrap Metal for scrap metal removal, we don’t just take it off your hands and dispose of it − we actually recycle as much of the scrap metal as possible, melting it down for use in a wide variety of other products and applications. We also pay for scrap metal, making it a financially lucrative option for you and your business. Sort out your scrap into the different types of metal available and our ‘weigh and pay system will give you the most competitive price for your haul when you sell scrap metal in Melbourne.

Why You Should Choose Melbo for Scrap Metal Removal

For over 10 years, Melbo Scrap Metal has provided trusted service and advice to builders when it comes to all things scrap metal removal and selling scrap metal in Melbourne. We endeavour to provide same-day service when and where possible, and with all materials that cannot be recycled, we aim to dispose of them safely in a way that causes little to no harm to the planet. We also offers scrap metal pakenham with competitive prices


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