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Thousands of Australians are selling their cars with Melbo Scrap Metal scoring themselves easy, generous and risk-free cash deals – FAST.

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Sai Vamshi

My Truck was picked up quickly and without any hurdles. I received an excellent price and the service was very professional. I got the cash immediately and the way they deal 👌with customers is really appreciable. I would recommend Melbo Scrap Metal to anyone. Best Scrap Metal Dealer in Melbourne.

Side Hash

We are very pleased with the service we got from Melbo Scrap Metal. Exceptionally fair dealing, and excellent communication. I give them my highest recommendation

Thomas Armstrong

Very professional and efficient service. Arrived on time and was able to help me with my scrap metal problems. I would use their services again and would also recommend them to anyone with junk metal lying around who needs to make some space.

Aadhi Kumaran

Service is good and the price is amazing and no one can compete the prices and are quick and are on time

About Melbo Scrap Metal

Removing Scrap Cars in Melbourne

When you call Melbo Scrap Metal to take advantage of our scrap metal car removal service, you can rest assured that we don’t just dump your car in the nearest wreckers yard in Melbourne. We make sure that anything that’s still workable in your vehicle is carefully removed and reused as spare parts, while anything else that can be used as scrap metal is also used appropriately. It’s our approach to car recycling that makes us one of the more favoured choices for scrap car removals in Melbourne.

Call Melbo Scrap Metal on 0405 622 777 to obtain a quote for our scrap car removal services. Alternatively, you can email us at or contact us online.

Accepting All Types of Cars for Scrap Metal
Unsure whether we’ll take your car? Never fear! As specialists in car salvage in Melbourne, we take all makes and models of vehicles.

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