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Scrap metal recycling serves a vast range of purposes. It can clear a property of unwanted clutter, it can prevent weather-related corrosion that can potentially result in soil or water contamination, and it can also be quite financially lucrative. It’s therefore no surprise that metal recycling in Melbourne has become increasingly popular as people and businesses seek to become more sustainable in their day to day lives. Fortunately, the scrap metal recyclers at Melbo Scrap Metal can take your unwanted metal items for recycling and compensate you with the best price using our reverse EFT system. When you need metal recycling services from specialist metal recyclers in Melbourne, call on Melbo Scrap Metal to get the job done with maximum ease and minimal hassle.

Most Common Types of Metals Used for Recycling

Metal scrap recycling can lead to scrap metal materials being repurposed for a vast range of new uses. The most commonly recycled metals and their most prominent sources are as follows:

  • Iron – Despite its corrosiveness, iron still remains a highly popular option for scrap metal, as it can be melted down and used for a multitude of purposes.
  • Steel – One of the easiest metals for Melbourne metal recycling due to its magnetic properties (any impurities in the metal can simply be removed with the help of a strong magnet), steel is used widely in the production of everything from cars to household appliances.
  • Aluminium – Well known for being the metal used in the manufacture of soft drink cans, aluminium scrap metal can also be melted down and recycled to make everything from car parts and window pieces to gutters and much more.
  • Brass – An alloy that’s made up of a combination of zinc and copper, brass is commonly used to make fixtures for lights and bathrooms, door handles and more.
  • Copper – A very valuable metal that is highly sought after as a scrap metal. Copper wiring and electrical components can fetch decent prices when selling to scrap metal recyclers.

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No matter what type of scrap you have for scrap metal recycling in Melbourne, you can count on Melbo Scrap Metal to find a genuine purpose for your unwanted materials.

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